Oxford Small Business Support Centre Inc. operating as Community Futures Oxford contributes to sustainable communities supported by economic stability, growth and job creation in Oxford County, enabled through diversified and competitive local economies.

Community Futures Oxford is one of 60 Community Futures Development Corporations in Ontario and 269 across Canada. With financial assistance from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, we:

  • Provide access to capital
  • Deliver programs and services to assist small businesses
  • Support community economic development in Oxford County

“Building a life in Oxford County continues to be very rewarding for me. The resources and network support is beneficial to my personal growth and career expansion. I have always had an entrepreneur mindset, and I feel grateful to grow up in an environment that helps me reach my full potential. After many years abroad, I never thought I’d return to my hometown to build my life here but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! Oxford County has so much to offer and I’m constantly checking out business workshops and seminars. Every day I discover something new that digs my roots a little deeper in this friendly city.”

Rachel, Luxe Creative


We create and preserve jobs throughout Oxford County by supporting small business development, entrepreneurship and skills training, and by fostering community economic development through:

  • Improving access to capital for existing and new small businesses
  • Facilitating, supporting and promoting self-employment
  • Providing a catalyst for community economic development initiatives


  • To be a leading hub of entrepreneurial support services in Oxford County.


  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Taking a client-focused approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Partnering and collaboration
Luigi Basacco,

Business &
Loans Consultant
(519)425-0401 Ext:30

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Luigi has extensive experience as a Small Business Owner in the Restaurant industry. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and for helping others live their dreams of operating their own businesses. He has been advising, training and supporting start-up and existing business owners from various industries for 15 years. Through his entrepreneurial experience, Luigi understands and shares his insight on the operational, financial and emotional challenges business owners face.
He specializes in assisting his clients through the business and financial process, specifically working on developing sustainable business plans, financial projections and cashflow management helping them to achieve profit and growth as well preparing small business owners to approach a bank for funding.
Luigi has a background in the banking industry as an Account Manager of Personal Markets and as a Mortgage Specialist. He also has worked in the Financial Services industry providing individuals and businesses with Equipment and Vehicle Leasing, Income Tax Preparation and Investment Planning.
Sharon McArthur,

Accounting /
(519)425-0401 Ext:29

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Sharon is Community Futures Oxford’s friendly and knowledgeable administration professional. Contact Sharon for any general or accounting inquiries or for reception.
Lindsay Wilson,

Community Economic Development Coordinator
(519)425-0401 Ext:27

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Lindsay began supporting young entrepreneurs in April 2010 with the Fusion Youth Centre. With funding from the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (MEDI) and the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), she built what is now known as the Oxford Young Entrepreneurs program.
Lindsay prides herself on helping businesses succeed in the community where she grew up and one that she knows extremely well- Oxford County. Always determined to find the best support and resources for each and every client, she always makes herself available for support with all stages of business planning. Whether you are having trouble with the pricing strategy for your new e-commerce site, can’t figure out where to start when you want to export your products or want to find market research about online viewing habits (all things Lindsay has actually helped sort through!)
Lindsay enjoys advocating for young entrepreneurs and sits on several committees in this capacity. Feel free to get in touch to see how Lindsay can help make your entrepreneurial experience just a little bit easier.
Allan Simm,

General Manager
(519)425-0401 Ext:23

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Allan Simm has been advising, training and supporting small businesses owners for the past 15 years. He has coached and mentored numerous start-up and existing businesses from various industries. Having owned a business in the past, Allan knows the financial and operational challenges facing business owners and continues to share his valuable first-hand experience.

Allan is also very passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed through business planning, helping entrepreneurs develop and create sustainable business plans which in turn have received business financing.

Allan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree that provides the foundation for his business and entrepreneurial experience and has taught part-time at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College in London.