Our services include: business financing, business counselling and training and Community Economic Development assistance. We also have an onsite business resource library.
There is no fee for our business consulting services. Loan applications are also reviewed at no cost. Financing offers that are accepted by the applicant do incur a loan processing fee.
A business plan is a detailed document describing how you will develop, promote and operate your business. It will include the resources you have and need, including detailed financial projections. A thorough business plan, prepared by the business manager, can be an invaluable resource when preparing and implementing your business strategies.
There are assistance programs geared towards various types of businesses and specific business activities.  Details on the available programs and criteria may be found here.  Although grants may not be as readily available as some might hope, there are various government sponsored support systems in place to help small businesses. Community Futures Oxford has grants for young entrepreneurs and Community Economic Development Projects.
If you believe you have a strong business concept and a detailed business plan for either starting a new business or expanding a current business, we recommend you contact us. Our Business and Loans Consultant will work with you to determine the feasibility of the plan and explore possible alternatives.   Our mandate is to create and maintain jobs so we have some creativity and flexibility when developing business loans.  Assisting businesses to succeed and grow is our goal. Therefore, we look at the whole business plan (i.e. concept, management, partners, experience, demographics and the financial numbers.) However, there is no guarantee of approval as the business plan must pass the scrutiny of our Board of Directors as a feasible plan.
Our interest rates are periodically adjusted to ensure they do not directly compete with traditional financial institutions and yet remain affordable.
You will need to comply with all zoning designations and by-laws and you may be required to obtain a municipal business licence.  Contact your local municipal office to ensure your business location is zoned appropriately for your intended business activities. You may also need to verify any applicable by-laws regarding such issues as signage, noise, light and parking as well as determine any applicable property taxes. Businesses operating within the following municipalities require a business license:

City of Woodstock

Town of Tillsonburg

If your business generates $30,000 or more in gross revenues for your products and services in 4 rolling fiscal quarters, you are required to register, collect and remit HST. You may wish to voluntarily register even before your sales exceed the $30,000 threshold.  For more information, contact the Canada Revenue Agency:  1-800-959-5525.
Yes. If you operate a home based business and have a designated area in your home that meets the eligibility requirements as defined by the CRA, you may be able to take advantage of several home related expenses for tax deductions such as a portion of your utilities, phone, property taxes, insurance and maintenance.  For details consult the current CRA publication T4002.  It is a complete guide for eligible income and expenses for self employed individuals.
Online sources include Statistics Canada and Industry Canada.  You may also wish to consult with your local municipal Economic Development office.
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